Do you wish you had a wardrobe full of outfits that make you feel like the person you know you are inside? Whether you want a new look for an interview, or have recently had a baby, approaching the menopause, want to feel great on a date or just want to experiment with new trends and styles, my personal, flexible styling options could result in a subtle change or a dramatic style overhaul. 

There are 3 packages to choose from. If you want a stylish new wardrobe, a fabulous new look and the confidence and know-how to always look your best, you may want to choose from one of these packages; or if you prefer, each of the packages can be broken down into individual sessions if you only want one or two aspects of the whole process. 

Style Coaching is a combination of personal styling advice, image consultancy tips and life coaching motivational techniques rolled into one. By approaching the coaching process from the appearance perspective women and men, may benefit from gaining a better personal understanding of themselves and their goals and desires. All style sessions are normally ‘one to one’ (with the exception of workshops and group talks) and any information that is shared is confidential. Style Coaching™ doesn’t mean you haven’t got style but it is a professional service to help build confidence from the inside to achieve the new, revitalised, happy you. 

Wardrobe wake-up

If you have a wardrobe full of clothes but feel like you have nothing to wear, this service could be for you. A wardrobe cleanse will declutter your wardrobe and you’ll find that you have twice as much to wear with half as many clothes.  

Minimum 4 hours £240


Fall back in love with your wardrobe with this wardrobe makeover. At times we all need a wardrobe wake-up. Learn how to wear your clothes in new ways to suit your figure and your personality. This is an informative, relaxed styling consultation to help assess the contents of your wardrobe according to your body shape, colour palette and lifestyle. This can be followed up with a personal shopping trip if required.

Colour Analysis 

This fun and informative session is a great partner to a wardrobe wake up.  Wearing the right colours for you can lift your mood, and make you appear more youthful and healthy.  Discover your WOW colours, the fabulous shades that enhance your skin, hair and eyes and take pride of place in your wardrobe.  Find out how to wear the colours you like but may not work quite so well close to your face.  

2 hours £120 (without a personalised report) 

£140 with a report 

£15 colour swatch booklet (*generic) 

(*bespoke option is available at an additional cost)


Fall back in love with your clothes once you discover your new love of colour.  This session is done on a one to one basis in your own home (or you can come to my studio) We start with a brief Q and A chat before we look at some tonal colour capes and a large selection of individual colour drapes.  I will ask you to put on a plain white cape to neutralise any colour that you will be wearing and you will sit in front of a mirror in natural daylight.  I place a selection of tonal capes and individual colour drapes across your shoulders and around your neck so that I can analyse your skin, hair and eyes against the colour.   The best colours for you are then put aside and a *report is compiled (*available at an extra cost)  

colour analysis one to one appointment